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I hope you will keep up these online gems! The surge of spiritual energy from these sessions is palpable, Madelon. This community theme is glorious! I am loving it so much. You bring such a fresh insight into the Bible and are making it just come alive! I appreciate what you are doing so much.

It’s a privilege to be a part of this growing community that you are forging. I don’t know how exactly to express what I experienced last night, but I knew what was going on was huge and that Love was in the midst. I felt your webinar was of great importance to me and to the world.

Thank you, thank you! I am so grateful that these are available.  This week's seminar certainly inspires me to think so much more deeply about the "Holy Spirit" and what it truly means to each one of us--and for the "community"--our churches and, by extension, the whole world!

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Thanks also for sharing this wonderful webinar series.  I thoroughly enjoyed the last Session.  I felt very inspired and motivated to dig deeper in reading the Bible and to gain strength and conviction from focusing on how the people in the Bible experienced God’s saving power.  Knowing the challenging situations they were experiencing is very enlightening, and shows us how they trusted and relied on Him, and how God helped them can help and strengthen us now. You make the Bible come alive in a powerful way.

Recently, I’ve had a real thirst to understand more about the Bible as I feel my knowledge is lacking.  I first became aware of you when you did the play with the students at Cedars about Jesus’ life several years ago.  I saw it on their website.  Then, recently I found out about Bible Roads and purchased the study on the Psalms.  I’ve also watched your talks on Christmas and Easter in New York.  All I can say is that your presentation of the Bible has really captured my attention! 


The webinar tonight was wondrous!  Thank you so much for building this community of Bible lovers who want to dig more deeply into Scriptural meanings in order to demonstrate better the power of God.   How grateful I am that you are going to continue the gatherings of this newly formed community. I know it’s a lot of work for you to prepare a new series, but you are doing such important work, and I know you can only be blessed by it.



Thank you Madelon for the rich sharing this evening, helping us to see the Bible as a timely guide for us today.  Love the cohesion,  and the sense that we are all working out something to better our lives and the world - they were (Biblical characters), we are; they were not alone, and we are not alone.  It was writ large in this evening’s teachings.

Wow!  What can I say about these extraordinary sessions?  I have to laugh because each time we got the assignment, I thought ‘this is an obscure and oblique passage;  what does this have to do with community?’.  And then you start and give us this incredibly insightful and expansive discourse. 

Thank you so much!

This Bible study is absolutely what our community, nation and world needs right now. I am grateful that the Sessions are being so successful and are reaching so many meek-hearted people. I love the beautiful artwork that illustrates the stories. (I collect)  I am already looking forward to next week!


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Madelon Maupin, MTS