"Genesis 1:  Where It All Began"

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This Book of Genesis has stories, poems, genealogies organized by generations – all in a narrative of Israel’s ancient beginnings and creation.  Patriarchs, Matriarchs, dramatic moments of floods, murder, barrenness, betrayal – are all part of the stories.  Only the book of Acts competes with its storytelling!

This talk looks at chapters 1 – 25, examining content, dating and authorship, then dive deeply into the family story of Abraham and his heirs.  

Although we are interested in the historical and literary parts of Genesis, we really want to see how this book and the family that dominates it, can teach us lessons about our own walk with God today.  We learn how these ancient stories were written to  address the challenges Israel  faced--seeing how the historical, political and religious background can unlock the themes of promise and faithfulness so important to our lives today.

"Sacrifice of Isaac", Rembrandt van Rijn

Madelon grew up in Tulsa OK, graduated from Principia College with a BA in Biblical studies, and later from San Francisco Theological Seminary, with a Masters of Theological Studies with a focus on Biblical Studies.  She served as Cultural Historian for Princess Cruises for their trips to the Mediterranean and Middle East. 


Madelon had an extensive business career, working in the newspaper industry, including for The Christian Science Monitor.  She eventually had a leadership consulting firm in Los Angeles for 20 years, working with Fortune 100 companies.   


In 2012 Madelon started BibleRoads, a Biblical education company for spiritual seekers, providing Bible talks, CD’s, workbooks, video and online courses for individual or group study. 

Madelon Maupin

Founder, BibleRoads

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