Genesis Part 2: The Story Continues 

Bible Study With Madelon Maupin

October 21-24, 2021

Jacob wrestling with the Angel, Rembrandt Van Rijn, 1659, Rijksmuseum

You are invited!  We hope you will join us VIRTUALLY at the beautiful CedarS Camps for five rich days of learning and growing in your spiritual understanding of the Bible, as well as making new friendships with fellow Bible students.  We learn but also have lots of laughter in these sessions.   Every effort is made to make the learning as interactive as possible with questions and answers, beautiful artwork in PowerPoint presentations, and your own workbook to prepare homework, record insights, and take notes during the sessions.  This is a tremendous opportunity to spend a few days diving deeply into the Scriptures to glean its lessons for our time and your life. 

All sessions will be recorded and your purchase of a zoom registration will provide access to all recordings after all sessions conclude and the recordings are prepared.

In October 2019, we covered the background of Genesis and the first 25 chapters in "Genesis Part 1:  Book of Origins".  


In October 2021, we will continue our exploration into this remarkable first book of the Bible with "Genesis Part 2:  The Story Continues."     After covering the first 25 chapters in Part I, we will now look to the second half of the book and address Genesis chapters 26-50.  The family story of Abraham's kinsmen continues, beginning with Isaac, but primarily focusing on Jacob and his sons, who became the beginning of Israel's Twelve Tribes.  These may be familiar stories but we will be looking in fresh ways at their cultural, political, authorship and geographical facts to help us understand them more deeply and especially how we can bring their spiritual lessons forward today.


Participants will have a new workbook provided (as they did in Part 1) with 4-6 study questions per chapter.  The workbook will be available to those who register about one week prior to the session, as a PDF.   Some will want to no doubt print it out and have it bound, resembling the physical copy those who take the course in person at CedarS will receive.   In addition to preparing for class sessions by answering the questions, the workbook also provides a way to collect and organize notes from research and class discussions.


[Please Note: For those who weren't in the 2019 Part I session and would like to have a summary of it,  there is now a special condensed video recording of Part I that is six hours in duration (versus the original twenty hours at CedarS).  It is complete with a PowerPoint presentation as well as handouts of the slides used.  This will  be an excellent way to prepare  for Genesis Part 2.


If you would like to purchase Genesis 1, there will be an option on the checkout page for $59 (vs the regular price of $90.) ]

Time zone: Central Time

Event Hours:  Thursday, Oct 21 (7:00 pm- 8:30 pm)

                         Friday, Oct 22       (9 am - noon; 4 - 5:30 pm; 7 - 8:30 pm)

                         Saturday, Oct 23  (9 am - noon; 4 - 5:30 pm; 7 - 8:30 pm)

                         Sunday, Oct 24     10 am - noon; 4 - 5:30 pm; 7 - 9 pm)


Join us virtually either while the sessions are actually happening (live) each day or enjoy the recordings when they become available after the sessions are completed.


Madelon grew up in Tulsa OK, graduated from Principia College with a BA in Biblical studies, and later from San Francisco Theological Seminary, with a Masters of Theological Studies with a focus on Biblical Studies.  She served as Cultural Historian for Princess Cruises for their trips to the Mediterranean and Middle East. 


Madelon had an extensive business career, working in the newspaper industry, including for The Christian Science Monitor.  She eventually had a leadership consulting firm in Los Angeles for 20 years, working with Fortune 100 companies.   


In 2012 Madelon started BibleRoads, a Biblical education company for spiritual seekers, providing Bible talks, CD’s, workbooks and video and online courses for individual or group study.  In 2020 Madelon's team became the BibleRoads Biblical Community membershp that provides monthly webinars such as the current program, "A Virtual Tour of Israel."  Madelon lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, while continuing to be active in her church of many years in Newport Beach, CA, from where she recently moved.

Madelon Maupin

Founder, BibleRoads

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