How Community in the Bible Strengthens us Today

It is more necessary than ever for us all to

foster Biblical Community

To spiritually strengthen our communities during

an unprecedented time of national and global challenge.


Everyone is invited to explore how community in the Bible can speak to the pandemic and economic challenges we're facing today.

  • Session 1 - How Community is forged through Mutual Respect
  • Session 2 - How Community is forged through Prayer
  • Session 3 - How Community is forged through the Holy Spirit
  • Session 4 - How Community is forged through Love

Originally sponsored by

2nd Church of Christ, Scientist, Ventura CA  

Open to everyone interested in their spiritual development through the Bible

$10 will cover all four one-hour sessions 

REPLAY COURSE: When you register for this series, you will be given access to the four VIDEO RECORDINGS from this series that originally aired in April/May 2020. (The first two sessions focus on the Old Testament and the last two sessions on the New Testament.)

​Bonus: As part of this series, you will receive 4 comprehensive PDF handouts to help you dig deeper into the Scriptures discussed in this series.

Madelon Maupin

Founder, Bible Roads


Here are just a few comments from people who took part in the original webinar series. 


  • Madelon brings the Bible to life. I’m thankful for the technology that allows us (from all over the world) to hear her presentation, and then to replay what we’ve heard and study it throughout the week.
  • I’m really grateful to be in this community. After our first session, I began seeing community everywhere!  
  • I hope you will keep up these online gems! But charge more than $10. :-) The surge of spiritual energy from these sessions is palpable, Madelon. This community theme is glorious! I am loving it so much. You bring such a fresh insight into the Bible and are making it just come alive!
  • I appreciate what you are doing so much.
  • You encourage a person to question, explore, and make the Bible a practical tool.  Looking forward to next week.
  • It’s a privilege to be a part of this growing community that you are forging. I don’t know how exactly to express what I experienced last night, but I knew what was going on was huge and that Love was in the midst. I felt your webinar was of great importance to me and to the world. 


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