Session Topics

  • Session 1: 

    How Community is forged through Mutual Respect

  • Session 2: 

    How Community is forged through Prayer

  • Session 3: 

    How Community is forged through the Holy Spirit

  • Session 4: 

    How Community is forged through Love

This $10 fee, which includes all four sessions, will be available through this website for a limited time.

Comments from some of our wonderful participants... 



"I must confess, I tend to take a sort of surface look at Bible stories.  Your approach says, "hey buster, what is this story insisting to you?  BE what this story is shouting at you!"


"I just have to say this while feeling the Holy Spirit has come upon all of us attending this wonderful thought provoking webinar.   Now is the time our world needs us,  our care and devotion to help others fill this need the world  is hungry for."


"As you noted solidarity is the key word, not solitary!    We are not alone on this journey and would also love to continue in some way."


"Thank you, thank you! I just finished the wonderful replay and am so grateful that these are available.  This week's seminar certainly inspires me to think so much more deeply about the "Holy Spirit" and what it truly means to each one of us--and for the "community"--our churches and, by extension, the whole world!"


"Thank you for the very good Bible roads chat today  and also sending me the replay.We are all being so blessed with all your knowledge of the Bible, what a treasure for all of us.Thank you so much for this wonderful sharing of history.I really like all the artwork, I can see them all just like that in my mind. That was a very cool picture of Paul, looking forward to next week"



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